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3 ways to get emergency money in Anaheim

You’re doing everything “right”:  working hard, putting a little money aside each month for savings, and trying to be careful with what you spend.  And then, something comes out of the blue that threatens to send you into a financial tailspin.

In today’s economy, it is very common for the average person to find himself in need of emergency money.  Maybe you find yourself in that situation as well: you had a car accident and didn’t have enough insurance coverage, or you have home repairs that would drain every last bit of your savings, or any one of the other many things that leave you wondering how you can make ends meet this month.

What resources are available to you in the Anaheim area if you need emergency money?  Here are three possibilities for you to consider:

1. Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC): if you own a home, you can apply for a loan against the amount you have already paid off on the mortgage.  For example, if your mortgage amount was $250,000, and you have already paid $50,000 towards the principal, you may be able to qualify for a loan of up to that amount.  Interest rates for HELOC loans are generally favorable.  However, this type of emergency money is only available if you own a home; if you rent a home or an apartment, you would not be eligible for this type of loan.

2. Borrowing from friends or family: if you’d like to avoid the loan application process altogether, you might want to consider approaching a trusted family member or friend to ask if they can help you in your time of financial crisis.  Unfortunately, if your loved ones are also struggling to pay their own bills, they may not be able — or willing — to give you a loan.  Additionally, it can cause damage to your relationship with that individual if you should have difficulties in repaying the loan according to the schedule you agreed to keep.

3. Auto title loans:  this is one of the ways to get emergency money, if you own a vehicle outright (i.e. you don’t owe the bank or another lender, but rather own the car “free and clear” and have the title in your name).  There are several agencies providing title loans in the Anaheim area that work with borrowers with bad credit or no credit history, and can complete the application process in less than a couple of days.  You generally do not need to have a credit check. As long as you have the title for your car and you meet our credit criteria, able to repay the loan and own a California car you can apply for auto title loans in Anaheim.

One of the biggest advantages with title loans Anaheim is the typically No Credit Check. Because you secure the loan using your vehicle’s title as collateral, your loan is considered to be less risky.  Compared with other forms of loans auto title loans is a secured, this should save you significantly over the repayment period of the title loan as comparing to unsecured loans.

How much should you expect to receive from auto title loans?  That depends on the value of your vehicle and our credit criteria.  You can use Kelley Blue Book to get a ballpark estimate of your car’s value; a typical value and the subsequent title loan is between $2600 and $20,000.  If you’re strapped for cash, imagine what a relief it would be to have that much emergency money in your hands – Call Us Now: (714) 793-8557!

And, during the course of the loan, you are able to keep your car; no need to worry about how you’ll get to work or other important appointments.  Once the loan is repaid, the vehicle’s title is returned to you.

Finally, one other advantage to working with an auto title lender in Anaheim is the personalized service.  Rather than having to try to go through the lengthy, intrusive and impersonal application process at a traditional bank, you can work with a representative online, over the phone, or in person to secure your auto title loan; he or she will work hand-in-hand with you to design a loan with repayment terms and interest that fit comfortably within your budget — no convincing required!

So, if you need emergency money and aren’t sure where to turn, consider those three options:  HELOC, borrowing from friends/family, and auto title loans.  There’s sure to be one that can assist you get out of this challenging time and back on your feet again soon.

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