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FAQs – Time to Learn About car title loans

With car title loans in Anaheim it’s Not a Problem if You are Unemployed or Self-Employed

Q:  If I am getting a title loan, will it affect the ownership of my vehicle?

When you get a car title loan in Anaheim, what happens is that we acquire the title to your car whilst you are repaying your loan. Technically, we become what is known as lienholders. Once everything has been repaid, your ownership is confirmed – and of course you keep driving the car throughout this period.

Q:   Do I have to currently be employed and have a good credit history?

No –  we can accept applications from people in all kinds of situations regarding their work – wage earners, salary earners, self-employed, receiving benefit or even unemployed.

Q:    How long will it take for me to know if my application has been successfully submitted?

Everything should be very fast because we realize that so many people are in needs for a quick cash from us. We will ask you to provide us some details about yourself and your car, once we get all our necessary information it should not take a lot of time until one of our team will call you.

Q:    How much can I borrow?

You can ask to borrow any amount between $2600 and $20,000 and use it for any purpose whatsoever.

Q:   Do you keep all your business confidential?

A:    We guarantee the confidentiality of each and every transaction. No one will know that you have used your car to obtain finance – unless you are one of our many considerate clients who send us a testimonial.

For more information, call us today: car title loans in Anaheim: (714) 793-8557

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