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Lifestyle Changes that Can Save you Cash

A New Challenge for 2016

Having fun doesn’t just mean watching TV at all hours or going off to the movies, all of which fill your time rather than enriching it. That doesn’t mean you have to take an axe to the screen – but why consider cancelling that expensive cable subscription in exchange for taking the occasional film off Netflix which would be much cheaper. What’s more there’s a wealth of entertainment of all kinds available free of charge off You Tube. You can either watch on your computer or with the simple purchase of a HDMI cable, you can connect your laptop to your TV and get a superb picture.

Curl Up With a Book

But why not spend some of your time reading rather than staring at a screen. Reading can fill your life in a stimulating, imaginative way that TV can never do. Think of all the authors you haven’t read and make yourself a program. Vary your selection between fiction and non-fiction, and you will be surprised at the new horizons that will be opening up. And the best part of it is that you can go to your local library and get all the books for free!

Take More Exercise

Nothing costs more in life than illness and that comes from an unhealthy lifestyle when the costs add up. Chronic conditions are bad for our body and equally bad for you’re pocketbook! Think heart disease or type two diabetes. Get out for a pleasant walk in the evenings or during the lunch hour – you’ll feel good and it’ll cost you nothing!

Plan your Eating

There are two elements to this. Firstly if you plan out your meals for the week, you can focus on seasonal fruit, vegetables, meat and fish and you can also look out for coupons which can give you savings. You will also avoid having to depend on fast food meals which are invariably both expensive and very unhealthy.

And remember..

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