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How to find a pink slip loan in Anaheim

Like many Americans, you may have recently hit a rough patch financially. Perhaps the weather in Anaheim — drought, hail, or lightning strike, for example — damaged your home, and your homeowner’s insurance won’t cover the costs of putting on a new roof or getting new sod to replace the burned-out lawn.

Or, a family member had to be rushed by ambulance to the emergency room for appendicitis, and you’re struggling to figure out how you’re going to pay the deductible, if you even have health insurance. With so few people able to save for a rainy day, often living paycheck to paycheck, it’s no surprise if you find yourself without enough cash tucked away in savings to cover your unexpected bills.

What options are available for you? Maybe you’re lucky enough to have a wealthy relative who can help you out, but do you really want Aunt Carmen holding it over your head for years?  Some might try to win the lottery, but everyone knows that isn’t likely to provide a solution.

If rich relatives and unexpected windfalls aren’t going to happen for you, what options do you have to solve your financial crisis?

For many people in the Anaheim area, the best solution is a pink slip loan.

What are pink slip loans?

This type of secured lending involves turning over the title on your vehicle as collateral for the amount you receive for your loan.  (Fun fact:  pink slip loans got their name from the fact that many states used to issue car titles on pink paper.)  Typically, you must own your car outright — no outstanding liens, no payments to the dealership remaining, etc. — in order to qualify.

You will also need to provide bank statements or a paycheck stub to show the lender that you will be able to repay the loan.  If you do not default on the loan, the title is returned to you after your repayments are complete.

For borrowers who are unable to meet the criteria of other lenders (e.g home equity lines of credit, traditional bank loans, etc.), but who do own a vehicle free and clear, pink slip loans  in Anaheim represent a simple approach to solving a short-term shortfall.

Your cash boost is waiting!

Getting approved for a pink slip loan in Anaheim usually takes just a couple of hours, more or less, but you can expedite the process by having the following documents prepared:

  • Title of the vehicle. You may be keeping it in a safe deposit box at the bank, so make sure to leave enough time during your bank’s business hours to go retrieve it.
  • Completed application, if available online with the pink slip loan provider you have selected.

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